Lighthouse Run, Hwy 101 Harley dealership

This is an add on to our 5 week NVAR ride.

trying the 12v pump

Joni & I got home on Sunday May 19th. We were home 4 days and left on Friday to ride the 85 miles to the Oregon coast. The Lighthouse run is put on by Hwy 101 HD in Coos Bay. We left at around 3:00 on a beautiful afternoon. About 40 miles into the short ride, I had the rear end wobble at 65 mph. Joni was wondering what I was doing as my rat bike looked kinda weird from the rear. Yep, flat tire. I got her slowed down safely enough to pull over at a place on hwy

very patient Joni

42, where we would be OK for now. Only problem was we had no cell service where we were at. I put in a can of fix a flat and it came out as fast as I put it in. The hole in the tire looked like I ran over a 3/8″ bolt. I got out my 12v pump from my back pack and had to hold my finger over the hole to get it to hold a little air. When it was as full as I could get it, and still hold my finger over the hole, Joni disconnected the pump and I jumped on the bike and I was able to get about a half mile farther before I had to stop again. We had cell service there so I called our daughter, Dani, and asked her to go to my shop and grab one of the new Avon Venom X tires that I keep ‘in stock’. I called Marty in our Coos Bay store, and asked him to bring the delivery truck with the lift gate to pick me up. Joni and I were waiting just off the highway on a spur road so it would be easier to load the bike up. Dani pulled in from Roseburg at the same exact time that Marty got there from Coos Bay. Perfect timing! I had to air up the tire again just enough to get it on the lift gate. Mission accomplished. I called the Harley shop and told them that I am coming in to have them take the tire off my mag and put the new one on and balance it. When we got to Oregon Tool and got the bike out of the truck and on the ground, we used the forklift to get the bike in the air and I had the rear wheel off in about 15 minutes. I walked the 2 blocks around the corner to find that the shop was closed. One of the mechanics, Lincoln just came back from a test ride and did my tire for me in just a few minutes. I walked back to our store with a new tire mounted and ready for the road and Joni helped me get the wheel back on. We made it to the run for check in a little later than we wanted to, but we made it!

view from the 6th floor, Mill Casino

This is the 11th annual Lighthouse Run. I have made all of them except fot last year when the date conflicted with a planed family weekend. There are a lot of beautiful lighthouses that we stop at to get our poker run cards stamped. This ride is what you wan to make it. Chose which route you want to go and make it your own individual run. Joni & I waited until the main group left and we headed north. Our route took us about 50 miles or so to just past Florence to Heceta head lighthouse and then we headed south to the Deans Creek Elk viewing area. We then went to Loon lake for another stamp spot. The course has 11 stops and if you do 6 stops or less you get a 5 card poker hand dealt to you. For everyone who has 7 or more stamps, we get a 7 card poker hand which has better odds.

We got back to the Mill Casino, who is the host motel/casino where they have poker tables set up to deal all the hands to us. Joni & I didn’t get anything, as far as a good hand is concerned. We had an excellent time, as we always do at this event. A big thanks go out to Al & Karen, owners of the Highway 101 Harley dealership and to the Mill Casino for putting on a top notch affair.

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