Harley Museum, Milwaukee Wi

Gary's idea for my bike

We were scheduled to do a pre wedding golf outing today, Friday the 10th. Golf, no problem! How long can it take to do a few holes on a miniature golf course? Then I found out that they are talking real golf. A thing that I have NEVER done in my life. There are actually rules, no jeans, you have to have a SET of clubs and ya can’t share…wow, all of a sudden, this ain’t sounding too good. Well I got lucky by the fact that we woke up to another thunderstorm with lots of rain. Yep, golf is canceled! It turns out

Groom to be, Brian trying out Joni's bike

that only 2 out of 8 of us had ever golfed before anyway. There were a lot of relieved people for that one.

I have been wanting to tour the HD museum in Milwaukee while we were here. We are only 45 minutes south of it here in Gurnee. Due to the wedding plans and all the out of town people, there was no time. Gary had the idea of going to the museum as a group function after breakfast. Everyone was up for that and Gary & I rode and the other 6 took 2 cars up there. Needless to say the rat bike made quite an impression on employees and customers too. I asked a gal to call Steve Pheil, one of the HD executives that I rode with back in ’08 on the NW journey to Milwaukee for Harley’s 105th birth year party. Steve’s assistant called back and said he was tied up in meetings all day and could not get away. Steve told a company photographer about my arrival and she found me and took a lot of pictures. Who knows, maybe a picture of my bike could make the museum. No they can’t have the bike as long as I’m still able to ride it!

Any one who gets the chance to tour the place should do it. They have a LOT of old iron, great machines from all eras, memoribilia and a fantastic display. After saving stuff for 108 years, they finally have a place to display it all in one place for all to see. We only needed more time. Three hours was not enough. The wedding rehearsal was at 4:00 so we had to get back.

Harley engines galore!

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