Relaxing time at Joni’s parents

Terrie's birthday lunch

We have been at Joni’s parents house, in Anderson, South Carolina, since Sunday, just hanging out and visiting. Russ & Kathy are very glad to have us at their house. Family is very important, and I am glad we can spend the time while we can. Yes, they even like me! And I like them a lot as well too!

Joni's naked road Glide, the problem is in here somewhere!

I had some time to take the fairing apart on Joni’s bike to see why her right turn signal does not work. I found the problem, a pinched wire, and she, her bike, is back to normal now.

This weekend we will go to Helen’s place in Tennessee, who is a high school friend that I have not seen in almost 40 years. She says something about perfect timing as she needs to get hay in from the field. I told her that’s for the younger

Terrie's tax business


We are getting ready to go visit Terry, Joni’s sister. Terrie has a tax and accounting business that we went to see and then took her to lunch for her birthday. We then went to some antique shops in Easley. Joni and her family did, I mostly waited outside. I would get excited about antiques if I found a Knucklehead engine sitting in a corner of a shop! We have had a very relaxing week in South Carolina. 

mom-Kathy and daughters

Terrie's husband Bobby washing Joni's bike?

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